Our Factory Participated In The Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair In October 2021

2021-10-01 12:39:02
2021-10-01 12:39:02

ICBE International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair (ICBE Cross Fair for short) is a trade fair in China for customers such as online retailers and E-commerce websites (online sales items) . The customers served are Amazon, eBay, Shopee, etc. similar to those who sell online.

Our factory participated in the cross-border e-commerce trade fair in October 2021. At the trade fair, many customers were very interested in our products and new items. Particularly interested in the patented products developed by our factory.

Participating in this exhibition has inspired our factory's sense of innovation and understanding of the needs of online retailers. Before participating in this exhibition, many of our factory's customers were wholesalers, supermarket supply chains, trading companies and so on. Now our factory plans to provide retailers with customized products in small batches. Not only serve large wholesalers but also serve online retailers.


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